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ZOE Short of the Week, the Premiere of "Free Lover". 


A young woman's childhood vision motivates her to pursue the US presidency, but things take a disastrous turn when the dark secrets of a prominent preacher are exposed.


FREE LOVER unfurls a tapestry of truth—a dance between unveiling, voicing, and vindicating truth itself. In a riveting twist of history, Victoria Woodhull shatters glass ceilings as she clinches the title of the first woman nominated for US President in 1872. Harnessing the power of her newspaper, she fearlessly exposes the sanctimonious facade of a revered Baptist preacher. Yet, her audacious quest for transparency lands her in the crosshairs of obscenity charges, sparking a firestorm of controversy and defiance.  WATCH on Amazon Echo.

Just say, "Alexa, open Zoe Awards! Watch Free Lover!"

More information and NFT opportunities:

Official Trailer: "Free Lover"

Welcome to the ZOE AWARDS Festival!

The Zoie Films Festival has now evolved into the ZOE AWARDS Festival to celebrate not just film shorts, animations, documentaries, we are excited to include podcasts, interactive Alexa Skills and NFT creations.

ZOE SHORT of the Week!

Get ready to ignite your passion for creativity because ZOE AWARDS Short of the Week is here to celebrate the vibrant world of independent filmmaking like never before!

Calling all filmmakers, animators, documentarians, and smartphone auteurs - it's your time to shine brighter than ever!  We're thrilled to unveil our latest expansion, welcoming podcasts, Alexa Skills, and even NFTs into the fold of our prestigious awards.

But wait, there's more! 🎬 ZOE AWARDS "Short of the Week" Festival is set to electrify the digital realm, showcasing the most outstanding works online and introducing an exhilarating new dimension on our ZOE AWARDS Alexa Skill.   That's right, we're breaking boundaries by bringing the excitement of a film festival straight to your favorite voice platform, including Amazon Echo Show devices & FireTV for an immersive experience like never before seen in the industry!

Don't miss out on this groundbreaking opportunity to elevate your creative genius to new heights. Join us as we revolutionize the way we celebrate and experience the art of storytelling!

Fill out the form  with unwavering passion and excitement. Include your link from YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive, seize this moment to magnify your talent and creativity to their utmost potential.

Gain recognition and exposure worldwide.  Zoe Awards "Short of the Week" on Amazon Alexa is available in India, France, UK, Canada, Mexico, USA.

Click to Enter Your Film Short Today

  • All Categories.  All Genres.

  • Shorts under 30 minutes

  • PSAs, Commercials, Music Videos accepted

  • Feature film trailers accepted!


Winners receive a review written by our editorial staff!  A $225 value!


++Zoe Awards "Short of the Week" winners qualify for distribution on Zoe Awards Alexa Skill and OTT partners and generate revenue per-view.++

+ Winners receive Zoe Awards Certificates and Awards (purchase), global recognition, press coverage, social media coverage, and a Zoe Films Movie Review. +

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Zoe Awards on Amazon Echo Devices

Zoe Films Short of the Week Submission Guidelines:

Duration: Films should not exceed 40 minutes in length. We have a preference for shorter films, with an average runtime of around 10 minutes. Longer films, especially those over 15 minutes, undergo stricter evaluation from our judges.

Premiere Status: While we appreciate premieres, it's not a requirement. Films can be submitted regardless of their premiere status or completion date.

Rights Clearance: It's essential that all films have obtained the necessary rights and releases, including for music, to be featured by us.

Accessibility: Selected films must be freely accessible to audiences.

Refund Policy:
Once a film is submitted, the submission fee cannot be refunded. Please ensure your decision to submit is final. Submission fees cover the consideration process, and while we review thousands of submissions annually, only a small percentage are ultimately chosen for Short of the Week.

++Film Festival Directors & Programmers!

Unleash the power of voice and break barriers! Elevate your film festival by showcasing it on Zoe Awards via Amazon Echo Devices. Attract and engage a whole new audience through innovative technology. Transform your film festival experience by presenting award-winning indie films on a voice-driven platform.

Contact us for more details and redefine your festival experience.

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Zoe Awards on Amazon Echo Devices

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Enter the Zoe Awards 2024 Festival on Film Freeway.   Accepting Entries for 2024:  films, podcasts, web series, NFTs, Alexa Skills!  

Enter on Film Freeway!

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