ZOE AWARDS Festival grants winning works awards and various prizes!

ZOE AWARDS Festival is proud to announce new categories for Amazon Alexa Skills and NFTs!  This will be the first time any film festival has included interactive Alexa Skills and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The submission period begins December 1st and all submissions must be received by April 20th, 2023.  Entries may be made on ZoeAwards.com or on Film Freeway.  Alexa Skill entries and NFTs must submit a 30-60 video presentation of the work. Film Freeway makes it convenient to upload media assets and mpg4 files.  Or you can submit via submissions@zoeawards.com.

ZOE AWARDS Festival was formerly known as the Zoie Films Festival and was one of the first film festivals to showcase independent works from around the globe via the web followed by featuring short films on the cellphone.  After a hiatus, the festival has now rebranded to include additional innovative storytelling, engaging works of Amazon Alexa Skills and NFTs.  “There’s always a story  to tell, a chance to engage and interact with creatives who are trail blazers in utilizing innovative technology who are passionate to be part of the indie festival space,”  says Founder & Director, Victoria lynn Weston.

The ZOE AWARDS Festival will be something never seen before, showcasing works via an innovative VOICE platform as well as public screenings and an awards ceremony at a theater in Atlanta, Georgia.

Executive Director and Founder, Victoria lynn Weston says, “I love utilizing technology as a platform for filmmakers and creatives to engage and interact with audiences the screen. I recently stepped into the NFT space and launched ‘Victoria Woodhull Treasures’, digital Cameo frames of Victoria Woodhull with her quotes to celebrate and raise her visibility as the 1st woman to run for US President in 1872.”  The 1st year rebranding is our chance to celebrate and honor independent filmmakers, interactive voice creators, podcasters and other artists.  Creatives inspire us every day through films, audio, digital art and interactive content and we look forward to showcasing the very best!

ZOE AWARDS Festival will have Judges who are knowledgeable with NFTs including Connor Borrego and expert developers of Amazon Alexa Skills.  Awards will be presented in May 2023.


Zoie Films Festival was one of the first festivals to showcase award winning independent films online!  After a hiatus, Zoie Films Festival is back as ZOE AWARDS Festival founded by Victoria lynn Weston.  Zoe Awards has added new categories including podcasts, Alexa Skills and NFT digital content.
Visit:  www.ZOEAWARDS.com for more information.