Zoe Awards Festival to Present Winning Works on Amazon Echo Show

About twenty years ago, the Zoie Films Festival launched one of the first online film festivals to showcase films, animations, and documentaries from around the world. The films were streamed online and soon after, Zoie Films was streaming films and animations via cell phones. Pssst.. this was before smartphones and flip phones were the choice of most consumers. Naturally, the streaming was wonky.

The future is here and it’s all about VOICE, as in “hands-free, voice-activated, and data-driven” content. Enter Amazon Alexa.

Enter the Zoe Awards Festival!

Amazon Alexa, or voice assistants in general, are not merely a tool of convenience for checking the weather. Voice assistants are the shiny new keys to connecting us to our community, to our family and friends. Equally important, conversational AI and Amazon Alexa are valuable platforms for companies and brands to interact and grow their audience and to offer products and services to clients that spark engagement way beyond the basic website.

If you’re a business owner, brand, or new author, you can work with the producers and developers of Studio Carlton to have them create your own Amazon Alexa skill and be featured on Amazon Alexa. It’s a fun and creative way to engage, expand, interact with your audience, and promote your projects. It’s an innovative and out-of-the-box way of doing business. Remember when the world wide web launched? If you didn’t create a website, you were left behind. Think of Amazon Alexa and other voice platforms for your projects the same way. You’ll be missing out because voice platforms will soon be the priority for users to find content rather than getting a stiff neck querying the internet via their smartphones.

Studio Carlton Can Help You and Your Brand Harness AI And Voice Platforms For Your Stories

Today, we can grab entertainment on the go from our smartphones, on the web, and on cable or broadcast TV. But, did you know that you can watch movies and stream video content on Amazon Echo Show Devices? Recently Netflix was added to Amazon’s roster of streaming video providers which users can view on Echo Show, Prime Video, and other platforms. After a hiatus, Zoie Films Festival is back and rebranded as the Zoe Awards Festival! Zoie Films was the first online film festival, and now the Zoe Awards Festival will be the first Film and Awards Festival to be featured on Amazon Echo Show Devices and accessible on the Alexa App for smartphones.

“Consumers love the convenience of Amazon Alexa and according to Consumer Research Partners (CRIP), there are over 8.2 million users of Amazon Echo Devices and that’s a huge market for entertainment,”  says Victoria lynn Weston, President of Zoe Awards Festival. “The Zoe Awards Festival will be the first film and awards festival to be featured on Amazon Echo Show via Zoe Awards Alexa Skill.  Users can watch award winning film shorts, animations and listen to director and cast interviews, even vote for their favorite film, podcast, NFT and Alexa Skill!”

Zoe Awards Festival and the Zoe Awards Alexa Skill will offer users subscriptions to exclusive content, memberships and special access to the entire Zoe Awards Film and Content Library.

The Zoe Awards Festival is the best of three worlds: A LIVE film festival and awards show in Atlanta, Georgia, a showcase of select works online, and innovative use of modern technology by using the Amazon Echo Show devices.

What are you waiting for?  If you have a film short, animation, documentary, podcast, web series, Alexa Skill or NFT creations – enter the Zoe Awards Festival today!