Imagine premiering your film on a groundbreaking platform that reaches viewers in a completely new and engaging way. With the Zoe Awards, you have the unique opportunity to showcase your indie film on Amazon Echo Show Devices reaching users around the globe, bringing your work directly to the screens of enthusiastic audiences.

Here’s the exciting part: Alexa will send users a text with your chosen link, driving traffic to your website or any link you want to share. Use this incredible feature to build your email list, offer paid viewing options, and more.

Visualize this:  After you film has played or your film trailer, Alexa will ask the viewer: “Would you like me to send you a weblink via text with more information about this film?”  When a user says, “Yes!”  Alexa instantly sends them a text with your preferred weblink

Zoe Awards is the first to offer this innovative experience, placing your film in the spotlight on Amazon Echo Show Devices. Imagine the impact of viewers from the US, Canada. UK, India and other countries watching your film seamlessly on their Echo Show devices, creating a memorable premiere that stands out from the rest.

Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your film’s debut. Let the Zoe Awards and Amazon Echo Show be the launchpad for your success, reaching audiences like never before.

The Details:

  • Your film will play for free on Amazon Echo Show Devices via Zoe Awards.
  • The Zoe Awards Team will use your logo, main images to display on Amazon Echo Show Devices
  • A short summary with your website link displayed
  • Text with your weblink sent to users’ mobile devices

The Award Winning film short, FREE LOVER Premiered on Zoe Awards Amazon Echo Show Devices!

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