Award Winning Film and Stage Actress Christina Leidel, ” Plays Victoria Woodhull in “Free Lover” Film

victoria woodhull - free lover - rev beecher - hypocrisyAtlanta, GA /June 13, 2023 /StudioCarlton/ —  Award winning stage and film actress, Christina Leidel took on a new role as Victoria Woodhull, in the upcoming film, “Free Lover”.

“Free Lover” is produced by Zoe Films, Inc. and written and directed by Victoria lynn Weston.  The film short is based on the PBS featured documentary, America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull. 

Free Lover is a dramatic story where Christina Leidel battles the political scene as the first woman nominated for US President in 1872, and the consequences of truth telling, in which ambition, love, and the exposure of hypocrisy drive the story.

An ambitious woman, Victoria Woodhull is a “rags to riches” raise from “psychic reader to the first woman to address Congress, the first female stockbroker, and the first woman to publish her own newspaper, “the Woodhull, Claflin Weekly.”

Campaigning on a platform of “free love and equal rights for women and men”, Victoria Woodhull exposed the hypocrisy of the respected Reverend Henry Ward Beecher who denounced “free love” in public but practiced “free love” in private.  Woodhull simply exercised her freedom of speech exposing Beecher Weekly.

Christina Leidel will star alongside a talented, powerhouse cast, including, Austin Freeman (Colonel James Blood), Beau Blanchard (Reverend Henry Ward Beecher), Travis West (Demosthenes),  Jason Townsend (Benjamin Brown). 

“Free Lover” is expected to be released late summer starting with a film festival run.  In addition to public screenings, producers of “Free Lover” will be offering NFTs, digital collectables of the film short on OpenSea.

About Zoe Films, Inc.

Founded by Victoria lynn Weston, Zoe Films, Inc. and Zoe Films Productions is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has produced documentaries, including the PBS featured America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.  Zoe Films, Inc. also partners with Studio Carlton to produce develop custom Amazon Alexa Skills for companies and brands who want to engage their audience on a voice platform, including Amazon Echo Devices.  In 2021, they released America’s Victoria Alexa Skill, an interactive and entertaining platform for users to learn about Victoria Woodhull.

Zoe Films, Inc. was also one of the first companies to launch Zoie Films Festival, an online film festival showcasing independent films from around the world.

Victoria lynn Weston, with Studio Carlton recently minted an NFT collection, ‘Victoria Woodhull Treasures’, a creative project that sets ‘history with the digital age” to connect with individuals of all ages to share the incredible journey of Victoria Woodhull.

Please visit the or to learn more about “Victoria Woodhull Treasures”.

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