Philip Sedgwick’s Meteoric wins ZOE AWARDS’ Best Film Short!

ATLANTA, GA./May 5th, 2023/ZoeAwards/ — The Zoe Awards wrapped it’s 2023 Zoe Awards Festival edition and has officially announced its winners.

Meteoric Film Philip SedgwickZoe Award Winner for Best Film Short is Meteoric written and  directed by Philip Sedgwick.  “To catch a falling star… and then the fun begins.”  When two couples simultaneously discover a meteor landing site, the claim to the celestial object becomes a battle of wits, gender, and a declaration of love.

One night, two couples through different means, become aware of a meteorite landing nearby in the Arizona desert. Both couples commit to go on an adventure to search for the celestial arrival as soon as the sun rises.. One couple, a cowboy and his bethrothed; the other an astronomer and his long-time girlfriend. The very next day, the couples arrive at the meteorite landing spot at the same time. Both couples want the cosmic prize. Quickly it becomes clear that the men share an agenda for the meteorite; the women also have a common agenda. Now, the men and women are at odds. What could possibly resolve the situation? The answer, a reassessment of all life’s desires and a commitment to doing what feels organically right on the inside.

Philip Sedgwick is an award-winning writer.  His script Neon Cactus, landed a berth as a Quarter-Finalist in the Academy’s esteemed Nicholl Fellowship (1990). Since then, more than thirty of his scripts & films have received acclaim in screenwriting contests, film festivals and writing fellowships.

Philip has produced film shorts including, ZAP and Neon Cactus, the Movie.

In addition, Philip is frequently sought for and has completed many work-for-hire screenplays.  assignments. Visit:

Additional Zoe Award Winners include  Higher Connections for (Best Podcast), Are You Psychic? (Best Alexa Skill), The Victoria Woodhull Treasures (Best NFT).

Zoe Awards Festival to Present Winning Works on Amazon Echo Show on June 30th. 

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Today, we can grab entertainment on the go from our smartphones, on the web, and on cable or broadcast TV. But, did you know that you can watch movies and stream video content on Amazon Echo Show Devices? Recently Netflix was added to Amazon’s roster of streaming video providers which users can view on Echo Show, Prime Video, and other platforms. After a hiatus, Zoie Films Festival is back and rebranded as the Zoe Awards Festival! Zoie Films was the first online film festival, and now the Zoe Awards Festival will be the first Film and Awards Festival to be featured on Amazon Echo Show Devices and accessible on the Alexa App for smartphones.

“Consumers love the convenience of Amazon Alexa and according to Consumer Research Partners (CRIP), there are over 8.2 million users of Amazon Echo Devices and that’s a huge market for entertainment,”  says Victoria lynn Weston, President of Zoe Awards Festival. “The Zoe Awards Festival will be the first film and awards festival to be featured on Amazon Echo Show via Zoe Awards Alexa Skill.  Users can watch award winning film shorts, animations and listen to director and cast interviews, even vote for their favorite film, podcast, NFT and Alexa Skill!”

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TheZoe Awards Festival will showcase winners online and via Zoe Awards Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo Show devices beginning June 30th.